civil war unit nicknames

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Cortland County Regiments; 76th Infantry 1,001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History, Historical Evolution from Mud Roof to Modern Roofing Solutions. Hooker said that the brigade had performed even more superbly at Second Bull Run; to this, McClellan said that the brigade consisted of the "best troops in the world". by Jessica | Jul 18, 2013 | American History, . Eagle, or Scrogg's Brigade, 4th Regiment; 78th Infantry (part) "Fall-Out" A soldier that can not keep up with his/her unit. Macomb Regiment; 96th Infantry W3 .11 Listing of officers by unit. Van Buren Light Infantry; 102d Infantry Battery) (part) Tenth Ward Rangers; Co. A, 25th Infantry The last 4 names are task specific names, such as 'Crisis Evaluation Unit' and 'Classified Intelligence Division'. Cavalry winderful issues altogether, you simply won a logo new reader. Columbia County Regiment; 91st Infantry The 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Armored Division (Spearhead), formerly stationed on Coleman Kaserne in Gelnhausen, Germany. The Iron Brigade was not heavily engaged in the battle of Fredericksburg, besides for some minor actions by the 24th Michigan. Hawkins Zouaves, 1st; 9th Infantry This nickname originated when he sent word to Confederate GeneralSimon Bolivar Buckner thatno terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. Madison and Cortland Regiment; 157th Infantry Buffalo Regiment, 3d; 100th Infantry Black Horse Artillery; 18th Battery Garde De Lafayette; 55th Militia and 55th Infantry While there are numerous tales as to how he received the nickname of Honest Abe, Father Abraham is more interesting to me. Lincoln Cavalry; 1st Cavalry Monroe Blues; 12th Militia Bell Jefferson, or Bell Rifles; 94th Infantry New York Civil War Units: Nicknames and Synonyms (NYS Military Museum & Veterans Research Center)--- Specific Units:---- 5th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry Regiment "The Fighting Zouaves: A Port Jefferson Boy Joins the 'Zoo-Zoos,' the Best-Dressed Soldiers in the Civil War" (Long Island: Our Story). 2. McClellan stated, "They must be made of iron." Dutchess County Regiment or Legion; 150th Infantry Oneida County, New York in the Civil War. But there are several other names as well to consider. The brigade fought in the battles of Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Overland, Richmond-Petersburg, and Appomattox. Excelsior Rifle Legion, New York; 92d Infantry, Faugh-a-ballagh; Capt. Cayuga County Regiment, 1st; 19th Infantry, later 3d Artillery United States Volunteers; Captain Chatfield's Co., 43d Infantry Howard Artillery; 1st Marine Artillery American Guard; 124th Infantry Union Coast Guard; 99th Infantry Union Rifles; part of 51st Infantry Cameron Legion; Company K, 59th Infantry Description. Onondaga County Regiment; 12th Infantry Abraham Lincoln became known for his honesty long before he became a politician. New York's Own; Co. Irish Legion, Corcoran's, see Corcoran's Brigade National Guard Rifles; part 57th Infantry Many commanders won their nicknames through military performance. The Springfield Model 1861 rifled musket, firing the .58 caliber projectile, was issued to the 6th Wisconsin, 19th Indiana, and 24th Michigan regiments. Mechanic Rifles; three companies, 66th Infantry United States Constitution Guard; 40th Infantry Cavalry, 19th Regiment; 130th Infantry, later 1st Dragoons United Turner Rifles; 20th Infantry Excelsior Battery, 2d; 10th Battery Ethan Allen Regiment; 178th Infantry (part) Thanks! Mountain Legion; 156th Infantry Scrogg's Brigade; see Eagle Brigade Ming's Own; part 59th Infantry Estimated time: 7 mins. List of military units raised by the Commonwealth of Kentucky during the American Civil War for service in the Union Army. Shepard Rifles; 51st Infantry Potsdam Regiment; 92d Infantry The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.. Oneida county responded promptly to the President's first call for troops, and never flagged in her zeal during the war. A brass eagle badge on the side used to hold the brim up in a slouch, and finally an ostrich feather plume. Honved Regiment; part of 45th Infantry Of New York State Milita Units in 1861. Ohio 6th Independent Cavalry Co. (Jeptha Garrard's); Co. L, 3d Cavalry Try something original, rather than derivative. Rifles, 75th; 37th Infantry Billy Wilson's Zouaves; 6th Infantry Troy Regiment, 2d; 22d Infantry "Stonewall" Jackson at Brawner's Farm, during the waning hours of August 28th, 1862. Black River Artillery, 1st Battalion; 4th Battalion Artillery Busteed's Battery, Chicago Light Artillery; part of 4th Battery, Calcium Light Sharpshooters; Company E, 102d Infantry Metropolitan Guard, 1st Regiment; 131st Infantry Fredendall Regiment; failed to organize part of 91st Infantry Yonkers Regiment; Cos. L and M, and part of Cos. B, D, I and K, 172d Infantry, transferred to 6th Artillery, Zook's Voltigeurs; 57th Infantry Fighting Joe was the nickname given to Union General Joseph Hooker. As July of 1863 approached, Ulysses S. Grant was about to take Vicksburg, cutting the Confederacy in two and making the Mississippi a Union river again. Based on a funny, crazy, or otherwise *EPIC* event. Bruen's (Edward) Independent Company of Infantry; part of 143d Infantry The next 3 names are similar to the first 3, but without squad at the end. On August 28, 1862, during the preliminary phases of the Second Battle of Bull Run, it stood up against attacks from a superior force under Maj. Gen Thomas J. Irish Rifles; 37th Infantry For more on that check outA Nasty Bite from a Civil War Copperhead. Out of the 1,883 men the Brigade initially went to battle with, only 671 reported for duty. Avery Rifles; Company A, 12th Militia, later Company A, 102d Infantry, Baden Artillery; 1st Battalion of Artillery These Hoosiers usually got low marks at inspection but were formidable fighters in the Iron Brigade. "Swamphogs" 19th Indiana Infantry. Sickles' Cavalry; 25th Cavalry For example, a 16-year-long war fought in the 19th century in Yorubaland was nicknamed " Kiriji " which is an onomatopoeic word for the thunderous sounds of cannons used during the war. Union Volunteers; 6th Infantry The Iron Brigade prepared for battle, at Gettysburg, by anchoring the Union Army's southern flank, 10:0010:45a.m., on Day 1. Defenders, The; 178th Infantry (part) The Copperheads were an interesting political group that was most famous for their use of the press. George B. Also, the fact that the book mentions the name, but offers up no explanation seems strange. Ticonderoga Cavalry Company; Co. E (new), 2d Cavalry Malone Regiment; 98th Infantry Vosburgh Chasseurs; 71st Militia, 53d Infantry (new). Tenth Legion Artillery; 1st and 2d Cos. Light Artillery, 56th Infantry, later 7th Battery, and 8th Battery "Old Abe" A nickname for President Abraham Lincoln. New York Light Infantry; Co. G, 15th Engineers The 6th Wisconsin and 7th Wisconsin fight together till the end of the war. Utica Citizen Corps; Co. A, 14th Infantry Fluvanna Artillery ). Cameron Highlanders; part of 78th Infantry (old) Posted Over 1 Month. United States Zouave Cadets, Co. B; Co. A,. Heavy Artillery; 13th Militia Northern Tier Regiment; 22d Infantry Militia, 19th Regiment; 168th Infantry I, 59th Infantry Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, commanding I Corps, approached Army of the Potomac commander Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, seeking orders. This list of names will be available at the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington, D.C., as well as at NPS battlefield sites. Fifty-sixth Regiment Battery (Regan's), 1st; 7th Battery Ira Harris Cavalry; 5th Cavalry The Iron Brigade initially consisted of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiments, the 19th Indiana, Battery B of the 4th U.S. Light Artillery, and was later joined by the 24th Michigan. One Hundred and Eighth New York Volunteers; 6th Co. Sharpshooters [2] This brigade was initially designated the 3rd Brigade of Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell's division of the Army of the Potomac, and then the 3rd Brigade, I Corps.[3]. Albany Zouave Cadets; Company A, 10th Militia, and Company A, 177th Infantry Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire, in this case foryou guessed ithistory! Ellsworth's Avengers; 44th Infantry Part 2, The UnionNew England. Colored Troops 38th Regiment Infantry U.S. The 19th Indiana would eventually be transferred to the 20th Indiana Infantry Regiment in October, 1864. Unconditional Surrender was the nickname of Union General Ulysses S. Grant. State Guard; 7th Infantry and 82d Infantry names. 28th Infantry Division, US Army: Originally nicknamed "Keystone Division," the unit acquired the nickname "Bloody Bucket" by German forces during World War II because the red keystone patch resembled a bucket. United States Volunteers, 1st Regiment Horse Artillery; Cos. B, A and I, 2d Artillery National Zouaves; 5th Infantry Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 1st Regiment; 69th Infantry Independent Company Infantry; 35th Infantry Onondaga County Regiment, 6th; 185th Infantry The Iron Brigade of the West was the unit that received the most lasting publicity in its use of the nickname. Putnam Rifles; 66th Infantry, Railway Brigade; 109th Infantry A rtillery of the civil war era can be broadly divided into three classes: siege guns (cannon royal, cannon and demi-cannon), heavy field guns (culverin and demi-culverin) and light field guns (saker, drake, minion, falcon, falconet and robinet). Irish Brigade Batteries, 5th Regiment Artillery; 14th Battery Federal Records [ edit | edit source] Jefferson Greys; Co. B, 35th Infantry The brigade next went into action at The Battle Of South Mountain, September 14th, 1862, where they would receive their coveted nickname. Brig. "Billy Yank" A Union soldier during the Civil War. As a cadet at West Point, Ulysses S. Grant was known as Sam Grant in a play on his U.S. initials and Uncle Sam. City Guard; 83d Infantry Corcoran Zouaves; 164th Infantry Corps d'Elite; 103d Infantry; Company C Slow Trot and Rock of Chickamauga are both nicknames for Union General George H. Thomas. Northern New York Regiment, 2d; 22d Infantry Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 3d Regiment; 72d Infantry Bemis Height Regiment; 77th Infantry Boyd's Company C Cavalry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st Cavalry Virginia Coast Guard; 99th Infantry The 2nd Wisconsin would leave the brigade once they mustered out in 1864, and the 24th Michigan would be transferred up north for guard duty. Varian's Battery; Artillery Co. Virginia provided the following units to the Virginia Militia and the Provisional Army of the Confederate States (PACS) during the American Civil War . [5] The rest of the Iron Brigade would be counterattacked in the early afternoon of July 1st, The Brigade would initially hold their ground against the rebel counterattack. I, 194th Infantry Yates' Rifles; two Cos. 43d Infantry Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 2d Regiment; 88th Infantry Gen. Joseph O. Empire City Regiment or Guard; Company D, 6th Infantry Phoenix Regiment; part 164th Infantry

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